Blood, Sweat & Years is a full length film about Graffiti and Skateboarding. We got the team and close friends together to create a project that shows our generation in the streets. The title is exactly what the film is about years of dedication with no monetary reward simply a passion for what we do and nothing will stop us!

Blood, Sweat & Years!

Produced and Edited by: Matt Lawton @_Mlaw

Special Thanks to Ironlak for helping with this project!

Craola (Greg Simkins) @Craola
Taylor Jett @_Taylorjett
Amuse & Merlot @Amuse.126 @Merlotism
Begr @_Begr_
Christian Holt @_ChristianHolt
Fucte @Fuct_the_world
Freddy Ernst @Freddyernst
Buges @Proud_problem

Shot by:
Mannie Escamilla @Filmermannie
AC @Ac_in_ac
Jaime Sanchez @Bzkfilms77
Jordan Ahern @Jordan.ahern
Birdman @Birdmanphotos
Stephen Callaghan @Stephencallaghan
James Fitz @James_fitzz
Terrell Robinson @Terrelrobinson
Tomohiko Sumi @tomothehomeless

Music by: Dj Hoppa & Demrick @Djhoppa @Iamdemrick

Read The Label was founded in 2010 as a lifestyle brand and online retailer. The owners and creative minds behind the brand are also well known for opening the art supply/apparel/gallery/event space, Ironlak LA in 2011. Growing up surrounded by skateboarding, graffiti art, rap music, underground parties, photography and film making in Los Angeles has shaped our visual aesthetic.

Based in LA but collaborating with brands and artists across the globe, Read The Label produces high quality apparel, accessories, specialty goods and media projects. We've been raised by and believe whole-heartedly in the cultures we represent aiming only to support and contribute to their future growth.

The name derives from the concept of being a conscious consumer. Gaining knowledge of who and what you're supporting.
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